Work Experience

I have been involved professionaly in a number of projects, going back the past 6 or so years. I've worked in fast-paceed environments with cross-functional teams with whom I have genuinely enjoyed working with.
Empowering micro enterprises to grow and scale, by giving them AI powered insights into their businesses, enriched customer interactions and providing access to credit.
Feb 2022 - Present
Backend Engineer
Here I build and maintain a robust system and APIs all leading to the integration of Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Discord and Twitch platforms into the core Matrix product.
Nov 2021 - Present
Frontend Developer
As a frontend developer, I built several consumer facing apps for our clients. A notable product that I loved bringing to life was the website.
Feb 2019 - Oct 2021
I had the chance to get into the development world early on, and in the process I worked with several entities. This gave me the skills that I use till day in my daily work as a remote software developer.
Sept 2017 - Dec 2018